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Academy is an internationally acclaimed academy with expertise in the study of Greek martial arts.

Aris Makris, owner and Master Instructor of Armak Spartan Pankration Academy in Laval, Quebec, Canada with the rank of PEDOTRIVIS "Delta" taxis. With 41 years of training in martial arts Aris have been teaching Pankration in Montreal, Canada and seminars abroad for over 20 years.


Aris started training from a very young age and was influenced, like most fighters by legendary martial artists such as Bruce Lee. Aris was instantly bitten by the Martial Arts bug and became fanatical for anything that could make him move like that. Going through different phases in his training based on real life experience. Having been in the security fields for 25 years working as body gaurd and in Montreal's worst clubs , his training approach has benefited him in the worst situations.

"I started with Asian arts in my first year in high school, which left me with plenty of questions in the process about combat. These questions would go beyond the scope of this biography. Because I, like many others of my generation grew up on the streets, it gave way for the ever present likelihood of getting into a street fight.

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Pankration Now: Your mma podcast produced by George G. and hosted by Pedotrivis Master Pankratiast and founder of Armak Spartan Pankration Academy, President of Canadian Pankration Association.

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Aris Makris

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Women's Spartan Fit Boot Camp
Stick and Knife (Kali)
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